When Our Morals Conflict With God’s

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Every single thing in our life is a morality decision. Whether you believe in God or not it’s all about morals. Recently in our part of the world eleven people came down with e-coli at two separate parties. Instantly the powers that be swooped in to investigate the matter. It was determined that in both cases the meat came from one source. So they shut down the meat market while they investigated and inspected.

How is this a moral matter? Well, employees were denied a wage for the time the market was shut down, the owner of the market was denied revenue, the local and federal government were denied taxes, not to mention the ranchers whose meat was not going to market. See, we decided that at least eleven and maybe more people’s health were at stake and that outweighed the needs of the market. Everything is a moral matter.

Everyday you decide if you are going to flip the guy off in traffic that just cut you off. You decide if you are going to tell that little white lie. You decide if your daughter is going to do something just because all the other kids are doing it. Everything is a moral decision. So what happens when your morality conflicts with God’s?

To live below that morality is to live inhumanely. I would guess that everyone reading this blog today would say that the CDC and the FDA did the right thing with the market. People are more important than money. Human life has to be the most important thing right? But is it?

Does human life outweigh other factors? Not always. The cigarette industry admitted to adding an additive to cigaretts to make them more addictive. Food companies add stuff to their product to get you eat more. Drug companies are continually being sued for their experimentation on people. On a more personal note we ignore people who make us uncomfortable. One of our women from TLC coordinates a group to go to our local nursing home. Today she told us about a woman whose daughter is a Christian but rarely goes to visit her mother. Her mother has two sets of clothes. If she soils them before laundry day, she is stuck. The nursing home has informed the daughter but she hasn’t been by with more clothes. The daughter’s morality obviously conflicts with God’s fifth commandment.

God’s rules weren’t put into place to restrict you and take away freedom. On the contrary, the rules were put into place to protect you and give you more freedom. When we fail to respect people, on any level, it hurts others. When basic manners are set aside it changes the whole face of a society. If history is an indication of anything then we see that once respect for others is gone so is the society as we know it.

When your morality conflicts with God’s there is always chaos. There is always disorder and yes there is always pain inflicted on people. Everything is a moral decision we were designed that way. Let’s not forget it in our day to day life.

Speeding Ticket

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A few nights ago, driving home from having dinner with a friend, I hit an old familiar patch of highway. It’s a hill and I was traveling about 80. It was late and not a car in sight and I was just listening to the radio when I see lights start flashing at the bottom of the hill.

AW MAN! That’s a highway patrol and I know I just got a speeding ticket. I slowed down when I saw the lights and began to travel the 15 mph slower that the limit required. When I got to the bottom of the hill the patrol car pulled in behind me and I knew I was done.

Only he didn’t give me a ticket. He simply followed me to the next town. I knew he’d given me a big break. Whew!!

I was driving like I live my life, fast paced. There is so much to do with this small amount of earthly time that I feel an urgent rush to accomplish it all and live without regrets. That night as I reached the top of the hill I noticed the sky briefly before I began to pick up speed. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and stars spanned for miles, yet I failed to take advantage of the view. It struck me that it’s the same thing I fail to take advantage in my life. I don’t stop to admire those precious moments. I notice them out of the corner of my eye but I fail to admire them.

I think I was spared a speeding ticket, but I was taught a very valuable lesson. What are you missing out on in your life? Are you enjoying the scene or are you so busy moving to the next thing that you failed to just stand and enjoy what you have in this moment?

Lulu Is WHOSE Dog?

Lulu November 2009

Lulu the wonder dog sleeps with us most nights. My husband thinks that if the dog is going to be in HIS bed then she needs to contribute to the household somehow. I tell him that she makes the queen happy and therefore she more than earns her keep! He complains about the “flea bag” on a regular basis and they kick each other at night as they sleep.

Lu on the other hand, comes to me every time she gets in trouble for spinning three times before she lays down or for making too many noises at night or for bringing her squeak toy to bed. She also wants be included in the man’s midnight snacking so she wakes me up to tell on him.

I knew this was all an act on both their parts. So I waited until just the right moment and then caught it on film!


  • Notice Lulu doing her usual thing of watching TV on our bed.
  • Notice she is snuggled up next to a body that is curled in her direction.
  • Notice the hand on the body is stroking her back.
  • THEN notice that it’s not my hand because trust me, my hand is not that hairy or manly.

Haha! He loves her! He won’t admit it, but he loves her! AND! She is just as in love with him. She follows him everywhere and she sees him as the Alpha as this house. Ya gotta love it! Guess she’s earned her keep!

He Keeps His Promises

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I can bank on every word of God. What that does for me is, it gives me the trust I need to follow him. It also means I can believe in him, I can count on him.

Many women can’t say that about their man. Yes, sometimes things have to be postponed but the man who keeps his promise can be trusted. If our need to be loved and secure in our man is a fact, and it is, then our man has to be a man of his word.

What is difference between a word and a promise? Absolutely nothing. God is not a God who should lie because every word that proceeds from his mouth is true and comes to pass. Therefore, every word becomes a promise, a vow and a reality. If we are made in his image then the same principle applies. It then limits what we say and how we say it and we are careful not to make promises we know we can’t keep.

A man worthy of your attention is one whose promises are true. It’s hard to tell that in a few months but over time you begin to see a pattern. This is why we never give our hearts too quickly because you can’t make informed decisions without knowledge.

Understand that not every promise can be fulfilled immediately although it would be nice huh? Sometimes that romantic Friday night dinner has to be postponed because of an emergency but it should always be fulfilled as its earliest possible moment and never ignored or put aside. Promises that are consistently postponed for the next best thing or the emergency that happens every Friday night at work is an indication of what you can expect in a long-term relationship. Maybe he isn’t that into you. Maybe he’s into you but he’s into his work more.

What about promises he made to others? Yes, it’s a character issue you need to play close attention to. The man who promised his wife to honor her and love her all the days of his life but is dating you is not a promise keeper. The man who decided he was not happy and left is wife and kids is also not a promise keeper. The man who made the baby with his last girlfriend is not a promise keeper. The man who cancels his visitation with his daughter this weekend, to take you away, is not a promise keeper. The man who can’t keep a job is irresponsible and therefore is not a promise keeper. You get the point. You, mighty woman, are not special or different. He will reap what he’s sown and he will reap it in your field. Not a good bet for me.

But he’s changed! Uh huh and I promise that lie has been told a million times! Wake up and take notice. Be sure that you know who your man is and make sure he has the character to do what he said he was going to do.