Lulu Is WHOSE Dog?

Lulu November 2009

Lulu the wonder dog sleeps with us most nights. My husband thinks that if the dog is going to be in HIS bed then she needs to contribute to the household somehow. I tell him that she makes the queen happy and therefore she more than earns her keep! He complains about the “flea bag” on a regular basis and they kick each other at night as they sleep.

Lu on the other hand, comes to me every time she gets in trouble for spinning three times before she lays down or for making too many noises at night or for bringing her squeak toy to bed. She also wants be included in the man’s midnight snacking so she wakes me up to tell on him.

I knew this was all an act on both their parts. So I waited until just the right moment and then caught it on film!


  • Notice Lulu doing her usual thing of watching TV on our bed.
  • Notice she is snuggled up next to a body that is curled in her direction.
  • Notice the hand on the body is stroking her back.
  • THEN notice that it’s not my hand because trust me, my hand is not that hairy or manly.

Haha! He loves her! He won’t admit it, but he loves her! AND! She is just as in love with him. She follows him everywhere and she sees him as the Alpha as this house. Ya gotta love it! Guess she’s earned her keep!

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