The Heart Of A TLC Woman


TLC4Women are women with a heart for service. They help paint over graffiti. They lead children in Sunday School classes. They mentor young Christian women, and non-Christian women alike. They get calls from others in the community for help, prayer and advice. I am so very proud to serve these women. Recently, I was asked to lead a prayer vigil at a church 30 minutes away. A dozen of them went to support me and to help the women at this church. I know of many women’s groups and ours is unique. I love these women more than anyone knows.

For Pastor’s appreciation they got me a gift that was extravagant! I have to show it to you!


It is beautiful but more than the gift was this poem that was beautifully written by a woman who I am mentoring as a leader in TLC. It blessed me and I wish I had words to express what it meant to me. Some things are beyond words! The poem reads:


Pastor Susan, Pastor Susan where do I begin?
I am going to tell the story how ladies hearts began to mend.
In 2006 God put a women’s bible study in your heart
Which is how TLC got its start.

We came together on Moday nights to learn about Him
We came hiding our wounded heart and tried to look proper and prim.
As we began to open up and trust each other more,
God dealt with some past hurts He got right down to the core.

Captivating was our first bible study that helped us climb out of our cocoon
We started the healing process and mighty women of God we would be soon
Other bible studies such as: Kiss The Girls And Made Them Cry, Deal With It, King David
The Patriarchs just to name a few, Bad Girls of The Bible were very important who had a clue?

Soon our open wounds were healing nothing left but a scar,
With lots of prayer, encouragement and the Lord you helped get us this far.
So thany you from a bunch of butterflies who just wanted to say:
We love and appreciate you on this special day.

Love The Women Of TLC

My smudgy fingerprint messed this picture up! Sorry!

Man! Can you see why I am blessed? I have a great group of women around me who wanted so desperately to be used by God! All they needed was a nudge, well in some cases, I had to tie their ankles to a bungee cord and push them off the cliff but they soared!! Yes, Lord I give you glory because they soared! I am overwhelmed with joy and appreciation to the Lord for these women. They are the new generation of women who love and follow Jesus. I share this with you today not to brag about us and how far we’ve come but I share this with you to say Look At God!

Look At God! He loves you no matter where you are in life. He loves you even the deepest part of you, the part that shames you, the part that makes you feel guilty because you think if someone found out, you’d be thought of in a bad way. He formed you before the foundation of the earth. He counted the hair on your head. He determines your future not based on your past but based on your destiny in Him! His mercy knows no bounds. When God forgives he forgets. He says your sins are as far as the East is to the West. So what have you got to lose? Trust him! Love Him! Believe in Him! Watch Him transform your life! I’ve seen His work first hand and I praise Him for it!