About TLC

In 2006 Transforming Life Center was started by Susan Young. Susan, a pastor in California was met with a challenge of starting a woman’s bible study but she didn’t want the status quo that she had seen in churches where woman were coached in male bashing and gossip. She discovered that by talking about real life issues that face women outside the four walls of the church she was able to make more of  an impact and see an actual change in women. So TLC was born. Our hope is that you find this site insightful as we tackle not only the current issues facing our world today but also our own personal lives. Our goal is to see your life transformed into something beautiful! Transforming Life Center is about empowering you to find out your original design and purpose so that you can go and fulfill your wildest dreams unhindered by the past and looking solely to the future for your destiny!

2 thoughts on “About TLC

  1. TLC is an awesome thing, it helped me heal and transform into the women God wants me to be, of course I will always be a work in progress. I am a lot futher than I was:)

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