Speeding Ticket

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A few nights ago, driving home from having dinner with a friend, I hit an old familiar patch of highway. It’s a hill and I was traveling about 80. It was late and not a car in sight and I was just listening to the radio when I see lights start flashing at the bottom of the hill.

AW MAN! That’s a highway patrol and I know I just got a speeding ticket. I slowed down when I saw the lights and began to travel the 15 mph slower that the limit required. When I got to the bottom of the hill the patrol car pulled in behind me and I knew I was done.

Only he didn’t give me a ticket. He simply followed me to the next town. I knew he’d given me a big break. Whew!!

I was driving like I live my life, fast paced. There is so much to do with this small amount of earthly time that I feel an urgent rush to accomplish it all and live without regrets. That night as I reached the top of the hill I noticed the sky briefly before I began to pick up speed. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and stars spanned for miles, yet I failed to take advantage of the view. It struck me that it’s the same thing I fail to take advantage in my life. I don’t stop to admire those precious moments. I notice them out of the corner of my eye but I fail to admire them.

I think I was spared a speeding ticket, but I was taught a very valuable lesson. What are you missing out on in your life? Are you enjoying the scene or are you so busy moving to the next thing that you failed to just stand and enjoy what you have in this moment?