If you were to die today what would the world miss?

I know it sounds like like a bleak question but I ask because many of us don’t know our worth and I want you to think about it, just as I am thinking about mine.

Don’t give answers like my family would miss me, my dog wouldn’t get fed. I want you to search your heart. Are you called to more than what you are doing.? What voids are you filling on earth? What are you doing here and why?

Can’t wait to hear your answers.

4 thoughts on “If……

  1. Wow, girl, this question has been rolling around in my head for a while now. When I’m tired, I don’t think I’ve affected anyone, but when I’m rested, I see God’s hand guiding me to people.

    I don’t know that anyone but close friends or family will miss me, but no matter. The work God puts in front of us is more important than whether or not someone remembers us. God remembers and rewards us for those things that others might think unimportant or what Jesus calls “the good deeds done in secret.”

    Your last couple of questions have haunted me for a couple of years now. I’m working towards being effective in my giftings by laying a foundation of relationships within the body of Christ. We’ll see where it leads…

  2. Okay, let me leave you with this question after reading your response. Don’t think of Jon the man, flesh and blood, think of Jon the work and destiny of God. What would the world miss out on if you weren’t here as part of the body. We’d miss YOU yes we would definitely, but what would we miss that you’ve put your hand to do?

  3. I am with Jonny this question rolls around in my head often also. I am not going to be able to answer this right now, I think it’s hard to answer. I would say “yes” I am called to do more than what I am doing, at this present time. I have lots of things rolling around in my brain, but I need my heart to agree. I can hear a sentence from somewhere and in my head, I am giving a message…not sure how to explain it. I think with out me and my boldness and love for the Lord the world would be missing a light. where there is darkness. I come into to work everyday and pray my light is shining bright, I pray for the Lord to utilize me to benefit HIM. I am not afraid to say something that I have learned from my walk with the Lord and not in a way that scares people but, in a way that makes them curious. I get questions all the time, I get asked for prayer all the time. I was once told that I had boldness of a lioness, (not to sure what that means) I guess if I wasn’t in my place the world would be without that lioness.:):)

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