The Man Who Is My Son

Today I celebrate one of the best days of my life. Today is the birthday of my son. How could I have known love so profound as the day I met Anthony?

I was a young, stupid, crazy teenager when he was conceived but he changed my life more than any other event so far. He was precious from the day I laid eyes on him. How could I have known that one day he would be this grown man who is taller than I am and so much wiser?

“Hola Momma” is how he starts out his conversations to me each week. That’s about the extent of his Taco Bell Spanish but when I hear his voice on the phone, I smile no matter what is going on in the moment. How could I have known how much I miss hugging that puppy-smelling little boy?

He’s in love now and she’s a great girl. I watch how he watches her, how he treats her, and I see that my son is good to her. How could I have known as I stood outside his car when he was 16 and insisted that he get out and come and open the door for me, that I was teaching him to be a man and not just a male?

So many memories flood my mind on this day but one thing is for sure in my life. I am blessed to know Anthony. If that were all I’d be happy. How could I have known that God would love me enough to allow me the privilege of being his mother?


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