An Introvert’s Perspective on Church

I read a very interesting and well written article in The Washington Post, by Adam S. McHugh, that I thought I’d share. I am a social person in small circles and yet, very introverted in many aspects of my life. I need alone time to recharge and I have never felt the need to be with someone all the time. In fact, when Doug and I go away for a break, often we’ll take off by ourselves and meet back up for dinner. It’s something that I love about my husband, we have the ability to entertain ourselves, but I digress from where this article is going. I have to agree that maybe church can be an overwhelming place to some. I wonder where the line is?

I have to agree with this:

Too often “ideal” Christians are social and gregarious, with an overt passion and enthusiasm. They find it easy to share the gospel with strangers, eagerly invite people into their homes, participate in a wide variety of activities, and quickly assume leadership responsibilities.

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