Postponing Joy

I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Jim Reeve and he said he had always postponed joy. He was happy but always waiting for the next best thing. It so ministered to me because I am the same way.

I’m happy in the moment but can’t always say that I am content. I am content in aspects of my life and in others, I’m waiting for the next best thing. It’s been that way in this building project. I was happy when the sheetrock went in but I couldn’t wait until the platform went in, I was happy when the platform went in but I couldn’t wait for the paint, I was happy with the paint but couldn’t wait for the bathrooms, and so the list goes on. Someone even told me to enjoy the process but I couldn’t, or rather, I wouldn’t.

In my mind I was always moving forward to the next big joyous moment, but in the process I may have missed some of the joyous moments I was in. I want to do things differently in the next half of my life. I want to enjoy the process and I don’t want to be in so much of a hurry that I dismiss the joy of the moment and keep thinking it’s just on the horizon of my life.