Peter Buffet

Here is a book that is going to the top of my reading list. Peter Buffet the son of Warren Buffet has written a book called Life is What You Make It: Finding Your Own Path to Fulfillment. I will write a review when I read the book but for now, read the Reuters article written by Christine Kearney by clicking here.

There was a quote that grabbed me,

“Economic prosperity may come and go; that’s just how it is,” he writes in the book. “But values are the steady currency that earn us the all-important rewards.”

Peter Buffet sounds like a very wise man who understands money is a tool and not the excuse for not living your purpose and dreams!

Her Children Stand And Bless Her


What a ride! I mean seriously,


This Mother’s Day, I was given a great gift. Casey, my daughter who lives in Los Angeles came home to spend the weekend with me and brought me lots of presents. My husband, bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. The only thing missing was my son, Anthony, who had to work Sunday and couldn’t drive down, but he called first thing in the morning and his girlfriend, Frances, whom we love, came to stand in his place. Steve, who is like my second son, and a man who is like a brother to Anthony, came and gave me a hug in his place.

All of this was perfect already but those of you who read this blog know that as a stepmom, I’ve had some long and hard days blending this family. I’ve stood my ground and loved my children, bio and step and it has finally paid off. I want to share what Lauren, who is 17, and whom I’ve tried to be a mentor and a surrogate mother since she was 9 and her father and I married, wrote in her card to me.

Thanks so much for being my mom. I’m starting to appreciate you more than ever, especially when I see how other girls’ moms are. I realize I’m the one with the greener grass. 🙂 I’m not really sure how to say just how thankful I am for everything you do, and how much you put up with. It makes me so happy to know you consider me one of your own daughters. I can’t say thank you enough. I love you! Lauren

Hang in there stepmoms! Some of you are in the storms right now, and I have that t-shirt, so I know it’s no light thing you are going through. Some of you are struggling to stay in a marriage where it seems you are attacked and vilified because of the kids. Hang in there dear stepmoms, this will pass! If I could hug each of you, I surely would. I understand the loneliness you are feeling and the feeling that no one understands what you are going through but there are more stepfamilies in America than “real” families. Beloved, you are the new normal. I’ve had my battles, I’ve been angry and I’ve felt that I was a bystander in this family, but this letter shows me and YOU that you will make it. Things do turn around and just when you want to get off the roller coaster, things smooth out.

Lauren and I had some serious issues but ultimately I love her, want the best for her, desire for her to fulfill her God-given destiny and whether she recognized that or not, I acted on her behalf as a mom would have. Trust me when I tell you that I know we have some sunny days ahead and I don’t kid myself, we have some dark days ahead too. After all, she’s still a teenager and I’m still standing in the way of her doing as she pleases for a little bit longer. But there’s hope! I have to let you all know that there is hope!

Stay the course, keep praying and keep moving forward in the things you know are right to do!


This is a picture of me, Pastor Doug and Bishop Holley taken this last week. The dog is Missy and she is Bishop Holley’s dog.

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as Bishop Holley and Dr. Gayla Holley came to help us wrap up the final plans of the church, work tirelessly on the store and just generally be the great friends and pastors that they are to pastors around the world. We are blessed to have such great support!

We are wrapping up the final part of the building and moving back home. I am excited to be back to our permanent place. Our temporary place has been a blessing but there’s nothing like being home after an extended stay away.

So many things are happening at Oasis. TLC will give its first scholarship away to a deserving high school senior tonight. For us, it is important that when we believe Romans 12:2, renewing your mind causes your life to transform, that we put put faith and finances to that action. To be a little part of helping a young Christian life get started on their first grown-up adventure is exciting.

This past weekend we did a giveaway of vitamins and toys and school supplies to our community. I’m proud of our church. They aren’t content to sit in the four walls and be consumers. They are producers as well. It doesn’t get better than that!


There are big misconceptions on what humility is and isn’t.

Here is what humility is:
Meek meaning patient and gentle
Modest in behavior and attitude
Respectful regardless of person
Differential meaning preferring others

Here is what humility isn’t:
Weak meaning to allow people to walk over you or allowing false beliefs to stand
Fake meaning pretending to not know an answer or acting ignorant
Fearful meaning afraid to confront with what you know is right or true
Timid meaning being hesitant or lacking self-confidence

For some reason we have this ideal that humility means we can’t ever take a compliment with a simple thank you. We have to deny that we have talents and abilities beyond ourselves and others. Honestly though to act weak and to deny that we have certain abilities is actually the opposite of humility and becomes arrogant. It is arrogant because we are saying that the talents and gifts that God gave us are junk. To deny who we are in Christ is to deny his creation and ability.

That doesn’t mean in any way, shape, or form that we brag on ourselves as to be pretentious, that is not the idea. But believing and standing on what you believe without offending others is what you are called to do. Jesus was a very confident man not because he knew he was God in the flesh but because he knew the kingdom principals and how to live them and how to teach them. There was something attractive about him because of his humble spirit.

If this is the case then can we honestly say we have this same humble spirit? Or do we let our own ideas on what humility is void the trait itself? For some reason we have determined that humility is weak. Humility is anything but weak. Meek does not mean weak. Meek means we wait on timing. We aren’t pushing and demanding but we aren’t afraid to speak up.

Humility is a trait we are all supposed to have but can we honestly say we understand it? If we walked in true humility we would would become so attractive that our lives would change our communities. That’s a powerful life that would be well lived.

A Reader Asks

“Please give me the bible reference for keeping your own porch clean before worrying about your neighbor’s dirty porch. Thank you so much.”

The porch reference is a southern saying based on Matthew 7:3-5 and Luke 6:41-42 where we are told take the plank out of our own eye before we point out the sawdust our neighbor has in his own eye. Thanks for reading!