This is a picture of me, Pastor Doug and Bishop Holley taken this last week. The dog is Missy and she is Bishop Holley’s dog.

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as Bishop Holley and Dr. Gayla Holley came to help us wrap up the final plans of the church, work tirelessly on the store and just generally be the great friends and pastors that they are to pastors around the world. We are blessed to have such great support!

We are wrapping up the final part of the building and moving back home. I am excited to be back to our permanent place. Our temporary place has been a blessing but there’s nothing like being home after an extended stay away.

So many things are happening at Oasis. TLC will give its first scholarship away to a deserving high school senior tonight. For us, it is important that when we believe Romans 12:2, renewing your mind causes your life to transform, that we put put faith and finances to that action. To be a little part of helping a young Christian life get started on their first grown-up adventure is exciting.

This past weekend we did a giveaway of vitamins and toys and school supplies to our community. I’m proud of our church. They aren’t content to sit in the four walls and be consumers. They are producers as well. It doesn’t get better than that!

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