A Loyal Dr. Laura Schlessinger Listener

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Whenever I let people know that I listen to Dr. Laura each day on the radio, I get this look of distain. I get asked quite frequently how I can stand to listen to her judgmental attitude. Here is what Dr. Laura’s attitude has done for me:

1. I began listening to her over 20 years ago. Dr. Laura was a little different back then, not that she had a different revelation, but she was more open about her family and friendships. I think the media may have jaded her towards speaking about things, or maybe it was that people without a life picked on hers. In any case, in the beginning I was always pleased to hear someone who didn’t think I was a freak for staying home and stunting my career. She didn’t believe every kid needed the latest greatest thing, she believed that kids needed parents and that was cool with me.

When I was in doubt and the peer pressure, yes parents have peer pressure too, got to be too much, I would hear a voice on the radio letting me know it was okay to not let your kids run wild or that it was okay to expect them to get an after-school job to buy makeup. She taught me to trust my mommy gut and it paid off. My kids graduated high school, went on to college, moved out on their own. and are working members of society. No one has been to jail, knock on wood, or been pregnant out of wedlock.

2. She has taught me that every single time I overrode what I knew my heart was telling me was the wrong thing to do, there would be serious consequences to pay. When she spoke out on a topic it wasn’t because she was being judgmental, it was only that she was trying to save us some heartache. I promise you that every time, not almost every time, but every-single-time, I’ve gone against her advice there’s been hell to pay.

3. She helped me become the Christian I am today. Now, that seems strange, because at the time of the solidification of my faith she was an Orthodox Jew, but she was sold out to her faith and she taught me an all or nothing, dive in and go for it, way of taking something on. As she walked out her faith, studying, questioning and gaining understanding, so did I. I didn’t just accept something because a Pastor told me it was correct, I studied it out. My faith in God grew, my trust in Jesus grew and I took little steps, a class or two until I am where I am now. I’m not sure where Dr. Laura is anymore with her faith, but I’ve heard her say, sadly, that she wished she had a solid foundation as a child. I admire the fact that she has a better knowledge of the bible than most of us bible thumpers! It is because of her life example that I so harp on couples that it really does matter what you believe because it will make a huge difference once kids are born.

4. I learned not be the feminist thinker I was brought up to be. Rather, she taught me that to have a man who loves you, kids who are decent members of society, a few good friends and a job you have passion for, is the ultimate meaning of a life fulfilled. I learned to quit measuring myself against others and that redemption and growth are worthwhile pursuits.

5. I learned that judging other’s actions is biblical. I can’t judge their motives, who knows why people do the crazy things they do anyway, but it’s okay to call something wrong when it is, and it’s reasonable to not be okay with things that go against morality.

So I am a loyal Dr. Laura fan. People need mentors and that is the purpose of this blog and my life’s work so it would stand to reason that I seek out those who are telling the truth and trying to live their lives out correctly before God and man. Notice, I didn’t say perfectly I said correctly. We all have “stuff” that what makes us human.

I have never met Dr. Laura, probably never will, and I’ve never called into the show, and she’ll more than likely never read this post. I have her books, I’ve quoted them a million times and handed countless out to friends and family. I have probably passed out and never gotten back, 10 Stupid Things (both men and women) Do To Mess Up Their Lives, enough to make them best sellers! We need to pray for her, thank her and quit being afraid to proclaim the fact that we love her and that she is right on and necessary to our society!