Thoughts About Nothing

I read this blog called Thoughts About Nothing, on a regular basis and I loved this post. We are dealing with this in our church on several layers and I believe that we must come to a resolution.

My husband and I prayed recently that we never get stuck in an idea so much so that we miss the harvest. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts About Nothing

  1. Thank you for talking about this.
    I think talking about it now will put you out ahead of being caught up in this. I hope that this conversation can take place in your church as well.

    1. Thanks for writing about it. Our church deals mostly with a cultural gap. So for us it plays out in the music. Which is best, the native language or the English? Both have their place but you’ll never win that argument. So while the argument over what kind of music God likes plays out, there are people in desperate need of mentors who are starving for the knowledge and wisdom that comes from living through some experiences and sharing. For me, and this blog, I am looking for some mothers in the church to take some young women under their wing. The music is secondary to the bigger issue, only it’s not because we are stuck there.

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