There are big misconceptions on what humility is and isn’t.

Here is what humility is:
Meek meaning patient and gentle
Modest in behavior and attitude
Respectful regardless of person
Differential meaning preferring others

Here is what humility isn’t:
Weak meaning to allow people to walk over you or allowing false beliefs to stand
Fake meaning pretending to not know an answer or acting ignorant
Fearful meaning afraid to confront with what you know is right or true
Timid meaning being hesitant or lacking self-confidence

For some reason we have this ideal that humility means we can’t ever take a compliment with a simple thank you. We have to deny that we have talents and abilities beyond ourselves and others. Honestly though to act weak and to deny that we have certain abilities is actually the opposite of humility and becomes arrogant. It is arrogant because we are saying that the talents and gifts that God gave us are junk. To deny who we are in Christ is to deny his creation and ability.

That doesn’t mean in any way, shape, or form that we brag on ourselves as to be pretentious, that is not the idea. But believing and standing on what you believe without offending others is what you are called to do. Jesus was a very confident man not because he knew he was God in the flesh but because he knew the kingdom principals and how to live them and how to teach them. There was something attractive about him because of his humble spirit.

If this is the case then can we honestly say we have this same humble spirit? Or do we let our own ideas on what humility is void the trait itself? For some reason we have determined that humility is weak. Humility is anything but weak. Meek does not mean weak. Meek means we wait on timing. We aren’t pushing and demanding but we aren’t afraid to speak up.

Humility is a trait we are all supposed to have but can we honestly say we understand it? If we walked in true humility we would would become so attractive that our lives would change our communities. That’s a powerful life that would be well lived.

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