Couple Down Time

So my husband and I took off for a few days of rest. We stayed in South Lake Tahoe and took a drive to Virginia City. It’s a beautiful drive with lots of great scenery. We got off along the way to take some pictures and do some walking. After all, not having an agenda is the goal!

It was such a gorgeous day, the snow is melting, the sun is out and it’s a good time to be outdoors.

Isn’t the lake just the best sight? Imagine that God made this all for YOU!

My husband decided that if he was going to live in Virginia City then he wanted to be the Sheriff. He is a Louis L’amour fan! Then we saw this church. When it was built it cost $12,000. Man, talk about a cost of living increase. I wonder what they’d think of what we’ve paid to have our church put back together?

It’s been a good time off. Now it’s time to head home and get back to work! I’m blessed to work, and I’m blessed to have a good man to share my life with. Some things we should never take for granted!

5 thoughts on “Couple Down Time

    1. Yes, last summer I cut it short and dyed it. Now, I’m letting it grow back out. I am not a short hair person, I have discovered! Thanks, it really is beautiful up at Tahoe. We had fun and rested and talked about things we never get to talk about.

  1. you have beautiful long hair 🙂 I think short hair takes more work than long hair! but it does look nice… I am glad you got alone time with your honey, to get away and rest and just be together 🙂

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