Women and Multiplication

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Women are multipliers. We don’t just add to things we multiply them. The funny part about this is that we are also great finger-pointers so while I don’t consider MYSELF a multiplier I can point to each of my friends and say they are. Okay, I’m kidding, I am a multiplier! I tell this to the women of TLC all the time. They laugh but we know it’s true. And men, they nod their heads slightly because they don’t want to get into trouble in case a woman is watching. But let’s be honest we are multipliers. I think it’s that XX chromosome God gave us. After all, the X is the symbol of multiplication and we have two X’s!! Something about it makes multiplication an innate thing!

We take a man’s seed and multiply it into a baby. We make things bigger and different than their original design. Have you ever seen a bachelor’s home? He has a television, a bed, a fridge, a stereo, a computer and a video game console of some sort. He is happy just to be a minimalist. Then he gets married and his wife, the multiplier, is not ever going to be happy with this setup. So she buys a couch and a love seat and a coffee table, lamps and pictures and bedding, towels that match and pots and pans. She buys a dining room set and not just with two chairs, one for each of them, but she sees a future that includes more people sitting at that table. She multiplies everything and makes their house a home. I multiply because that is what I was designed to do. Have you ever noticed that a man’s wardrobe increases significantly if there is a woman in his life? The only thing that seems to diminish is the amount of friends he is allowed to have over at one time! Interesting…..but I’ll move on.

Naturally most women talk more, they worry more, they spend more and this is the part that is not fair, they tend to put on weight easier too! We also make life miserable when we aren’t happy because we multiply the problem. My husband says all the time, if the queen is happy the land is happy. Why? Because we multiply our mood and set the atmosphere for any situation we are in. How? We over-think it all! Which is multiplication! It’s in our nature to multiply.

God said be fruitful and multiply and in this area of our lives, we are just being obedient! Let’s work at being multipliers in a healthy way. Let’s work together to multiply the good in our lives and leave the stuff that doesn’t do us any good behind us. It’s all about balance! Often we go way overboard on negativity and bitterness and resentfulness. Let’s learn to be fair and multiply those things that life hands us in a positive manner. Multiplication is a powerful tool if we use it correctly. In the next few weeks we’ll be talking more about this and how to influence in the right way.