Hope For The Future

I have a diva room. That’s the blessing of having kids move out of your home. Suddenly you have rooms that no longer have a purpose. So I decided to make a reading room. My chaise lounge and a couple of shabby chic end tables in a pink and brown room with a leopard print carpet and curtains were the main pieces.

Notice an old typewriter that I found that reminded of when I was a kid before we had computers. Isn’t it cute all painted?

I also have my workout equipment in there, my treadmill and pilate ball and weights.

But there is one thing that I bought recently that brings me hope for my future.

Yes! It’s a hope chest. It was built in February 1950 and manufactured by Lane. It’s lined inside and the smell of cedar is nice and soothing. I so far have only put a few things in there just some plates my grandmother gave me, Time’s 2000-2009 special edition magazine, and some pillowcases my mother embroidered.

I am making a keepsake for a granddaughter that only God has met so far. I know she’s somewhere in my future and I don’t know where or when she will arrive but she has a gift waiting for her when she is a teenager and ready to receive memories of the women who formed the generations before her. I haven’t met her yet but I know her personality. I know she will be strong, wise, opinionated, and she will have a soul that is passionate and beautiful just as the women who came before her. I have hope for the future of an unborn baby, created before the foundation of the world to be born to her generation at her appointed time to enter our universe so I carefully put things away her.

I look forward to the day I will hold her in my arms and whisper my prayers for her future to her and let her know how long I have waited for her. I anticipate the day I learn the name her parents have given her. I have a vision of the time I will spend with her. Maybe there will be a day when she crawls around in the diva room! I’m not in a hurry and I can wait for as long as it takes. For now, I am content to  collect things for her, to have breakable things on the surfaces of furniture and have Lulu’s squeaky toys left on the rug.

As my husband sings, “I’m somewhere in the future and I look much better than I look right now.” One day, I will be a grandmother and it will be great.