I am a complete sap for seeing people baptized. What do you do when your church’s building catches fire and you are holding service in a store front and all these new followers want to be baptized? We had a list of 10 people. What do we do?

We called friends with a pool and they gladly accepted. It was new, it was fresh and instead of a baptistry it was a swimming pool on a day when the temperature was 96 degrees. What a sweet spirit was there. Steve showed up with his guitar.


Pastor Doug gets in the water. He loves, loves, loves this and considers this his highest honor.


“Who wants to go first?”, Pastor Doug asks. Isabel raises her hands quickly, “I will!”


She gets buried! Her life starts again today!


We all rejoice!

Next is Mariana and then goes Steven


Then there’s Jeronima. She is really new to our church. She is so excited, she got her haircut the day before because she said if she were starting a new life, she wanted a new hairdo!

Steve plays and the onlookers rejoice with the angels in heaven!

Life is good, as the great commission goes on and people lives are transformed. Hallelujah! We praise you the King of kings and Lord of lords. You are GOOD!

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