Theology At Midnight

It is in the tests of life when we find out what we believe isn’t it? Oh, it’s easy to say what we would do given a certain situation when that situation hasn’t touched our lives but when it does, well, sometimes it becomes a different story. Sometimes we discover that the our belief system entered our head but it didn’t quite make it to our heart. Therein lies the dilemma.

Do we really believe God with certainty? I know that often I’m guilty of asking a half-hearted question. I ask for His opinion on a matter but what I really want is for his His answer to be my desire not His. Yes, I repent and obey but sometimes not with a heart that really gets the whole putting my life down to follow His desire.

So what is your theology at midnight? What do you do in your darkest times when you aren’t sure anymore what you believe and what you want? Do you take a deep breath and wait for an answer knowing without a doubt that one is coming? Do you decide that your desire is something God will understand? Does what you believe seem superficial or is it ingrained deeply in your heart?

Today’s blog has more questions than answers. It’s time to search your heart and see where you stand.