Fat Dumb and Not So Happy


I was listening to Dr. Oz today on Alzheimers and its correlation to obesity. It seems that according to his radio program about 50% of all Americans over the age of 85 will have this disease. 50%. Half. That number seems incredible. The fact that we are living longer means we want to have more quality of life. 85 when you’re living to be 100 means 15 years of not knowing what is going on in your life.

They are finding that obesity and lack of exercise are a direct link. Bottom line, we’ve got to take more control of our health. We’ve got to know about the hormones that are in our meat. We’ve got to get more concerned about our kids reaching puberty at younger and younger ages. We’ve got to learn to cut back or eliminate soda and processed sugar and dairy. Do you realize what a strong lobby these industries have in Washington? It’s big business to keep you unhealthy!

Meanwhile, I see obese children at younger and younger ages. They break my heart. They wear clothes are way too old for them because nothing in their age group fits and they can’t move the way other children do. Morbid obesity is anyone with a BMI index of 40. We overfeed ourselves, our kids and our pets. Let’s informed and let’s get moving.

Also, don’t let your brain go to mush. Read! Do puzzles, get a hobby, challenge yourself! Let’s be healthy, smart and happy.