Holy Rollers Trophies!

Do you ever wonder who the Holy Rollers are in your church? You know, there are the bible thumpers, there are the ones they call the Hallelujahs, then there are the Holy Rollers.

At Oasis this becomes a very competitive deal as we all compete to be a Holy Roller. See the original story here.

Here are a few of the winners. I’ll post some more next week. With this being the 4th of July weekend we had some people who were out of town.

This is Robert. He got first place. He went in confident. He knew he’d have a trophy. Of course he couldn’t smile for his trophy. This is serious business for him each year…but if you look closely at his eyes, you see the pride as yes, he proclaims, “I am THE Holy Roller!”

New this year was Fernando. Fernando made no bones about it. He said before the game, “Get back! I will win a trophy.”

Then, of course is our chief Holy Roller, Steve. He runs around looking at everybody’s score because he tries to get the highest score out of every division he even competes with the kids. Only, the young grasshopper was no match for his Sensei. His old Sunday School teacher and veteran Holy Roller, Pastor Dave, beat the pants off him. Sometimes, you just need a good schooling to keep you humble before the Lord!


Of course, as human nature would have it, there are the sandbaggers who have never bowled before but Nati managed a second place trophy!


Then there are the veteran bowlers who show us 40 somethings up. Virginia bowls with style and never got tired! She took her time and played a good three games.


And just where was I in the mix? I got second place in my division! Now you can see my new haircut and color change too!


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