A little different post today instead of reading my opinion, I am asking for yours.

Suppose a friend comes to you and tells you a story that completely contradicts their walk with Christ. They never ask for your advice, they are merely talking.

Since we are called not to judge, is it wrong for you to give your unsolicited opinion?

Does your answer change if you are merely a friend or consider yourself a brother/sister in Christ?

2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I have wondered if sometimes I said the right thing to others . I know I am not called to judge and that is not my intent. I do however use Gods word and tell them ” God’s word says ….” Perhaps people do not want to hear a reponse, they just want someone to hear them out. However I am not a dumping ground and usually when they start telling me a story as such …it is usually with complaining. Therefore I stop and pray inside that the Holy Spirit would give me words to say to them. It seems to always be the same people who come to me so they must be seeking God’s answer. I have told them go directly to God his lines are always open. I have been working on and praying for the Spirit to lead me to have boldness and courage to speak up for what I believe in ( which is God’s word.) Everything said in love of course. Sometimes I have felt as if though I have judged them and search it out….it is then that I find I was judging them in my heart to my standards. I always pray the Lord be the doorkeeper to my lips.

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