Find Your Wings

As my son Anthony moved out of town 4 hours away, I’ve really been looking back. Now that my daughter Casey has graduated from college and is working and living her adult life about 20 minutes from Anthony, I’ve really been looking back. Time flies so quickly with your children. It seems like yesterday they were babies and now they are grown and off on their own. We talk on the phone, by text and Facebook, but the days of baseball and cheerleading competitions are long gone.

I knew they were only mine for a season. I knew they weren’t really mine forever. I tied them to my apron strings and held them close to my heart and taught them to be good citizens who love God and who are kind productive members of society. Some days were beyond easy and some days were crazy hard but all in all it was good. I loved being a mom. It was truly my greatest job ever. My role is different now but I will be forever blessed to have these two in my life.

If you are a parent, cherish this time with your children. It will be gone before you have time to catch your breath. Whenever I hear this song on the radio I think of what it means to raise a child and how it really is true. Our roots as parents, if they are planted in good soil and tended carefully, will help them find their wings.

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