Anthony and Frances

Everyone’s been asking what Anthony’s been up to because he’s never around these days. Well, he got a fabulous job and moved to Los Angeles. He met a beautiful girl named Frances, from our home town, at the May Day Fair. She is smart and funny and the rest is history.

So on a rainy day they went out to look for some fun! Here are some pictures.

Frances meets up with George Clooney
Anthony found out Tiger's been hiding at random putt-putt golf centers!
Frances decided to have breakfast at Tiffany's

Anthony is an closet AI fan

Who knew Frances loved Shrek?

No day is complete without Anthony's idol Spiderman!

So there you go. He has trade shows coming up in February, but maybe we’ll see him around in March!

One thought on “Anthony and Frances

  1. Awww..! I’m glad Anthony is happy! LOL, a couple of months ago we would laugh with Steve and Gesia and Anthony as he would comment that he was TOO young to think about settling down. Who knows, she might be the One!

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