Potential Is Risky Business

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Just the mention of this word sends the women of TLC into laughing mode. It’s because when they come to me about a man and they use the phrase, “He has potential…” I always answer the same way, “Potential is just potential until it’s put into play.”

Please don’t make life changing decisions based on potential unless you are willing to take a risk. Potential is just possibility. It doesn’t make it a reality. It makes it a maybe.

Dictionary.com defines Potential as:

1. possible, as opposed to actual
2. capable of being or becoming
3. Grammar. expressing possibility

Has everyone told you that you have potential? If so, it’s possible you could move ahead in that area but you may not. It remains to be seen. I won’t bet on it unless I am willing to take a risk. There are some things worth betting on. There are other things that are just to precious to risk a bet.

Make wise choices!