He Wrote His Loving Words Down For Me So That I’ll Never Forget How He Feels About Me


By now, you’ve figured out that when a daughter of the King, that’s you beloved, is asked, “Who’s Your Daddy?” there is no man on earth who fits those shoes. Only God is the one who is perfect. By now, you’ve figured out that the only one who can meet your needs completely is not a human. The only one who has your back is The King himself. Throughout these last several months of discussion of what you need to be looking for in a man, you have a much clearer understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

God did write his loving, living and breathing words down for you. You are his daughter and he wanted you to know how much he loves you and cares for you and just in case you doubt that love ever, you need only go back to the bible and check it out.

Love notes are great. We all enjoy them but some people are not writers. Some men will get up at 2 a.m. out of dead sleep to get their pregnant wife a milk shake but will never write poetry. Which shows more love? They both do, they are just different in their approach. Don’t measure your man by what he doesn’t do, measure him by what he does do. Measure him not by what your girlfriend’s boyfriend does but by what your man does. My husband writes music but he’s never written a song for me. He does other thoughtful things like show up at the office and take me to lunch or call me during the day to see how my day is going or better still, sit through a chick flick without complaint and hold my hand.

God wrote his loving words down for you so that you could always go back to read them and know that feeling of security and love and trust in him with all that you have. The man you choose will not have that ability because your ultimate source of love and security can never be of this earth. What does your man do to make you feel secure and loved? If your answer is nothing then you may be in the wrong place. I say “may” be because you might be overlooking the very thing you think you don’t have. It’s time to get honest with yourself and assess what it is you want in a man, what kind of woman you plan to be and what your plan of action is to get there. My prayer is that through these discussions you’ve figured out what is acceptable and what is not.