Filming A Movie

The two main characters in the movie.

Today was a first for me. We had agreed to let a film company film a movie in our RMA store. It is California after all! Plus, they offered me a small part! 🙂 It’s a comedy and it looks like it will be really funny. The crew arrived and set up. They were really nice and very professional.

But wait, I get ahead of myself. I was feeling calm and not pressured at all. After all, I had to play myself how hard could that be? I do it everyday. Then my friends starting asking what I was going to wear. Uh, well, normally to work at the store, I’ll wear a nice blouse or sweater and jeans or pants. I didn’t want to dress up too much because I wanted the me on the screen to be the me in the store, if that makes sense. Then my husband asked me what I was going to wear. When I told him I didn’t know he said, “What? You don’t know? Well, just dress like you do when you go out with your friends for dinner.” Okay, really when I go out to dinner with friends, I straighten my hair and put a little more makeup on. My wardrobe really doesn’t change too much. So now I went into a vanity mode. Too late to go shopping so I didn’t know now what I was going to wear.

This morning I called my hair stylist in a panic, “Can you straighten my hair?” She was booked but one of the girls agreed to come in and do it as long as I washed and dried my own hair. Now, I can straighten my own hair, but hey, this was the big screen. Okay, now what to wear. I wore a purple jacket, black blouse, jeans, and purple boots to get my hair done. Actually, this is an outfit I wear often because I love my purple boots. The girls at the salon said, “Wear the jacket, top and boots but lose the jeans and put on black pants.” So I went home and changed. I’ve been losing weight but I didn’t want to chance it, so I squeezed into my Spanx and if you’ve ever worn Spanx you know it’s a half hour process. That didn’t work. When I put on my black pants they were too big. So I then took the Spanx off, yes another process and put the pants back on. Okay they fit fine, (yeaaaah). I was hungry but there was no time to eat. I had to get to “the set”.

They filmed the shot in about an hour and a half. They had me film my scene two ways, one happy and one annoyed. We’ll see when it comes out which one they use or don’t. In any case, I did a new thing today! The movie should be edited and ready by November or December. I’ll keep you updated. Fun stuff! And yes, you can have my autograph. I’m not too big for that….yet.