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Remember when you were a child and you were told to respect your elders? Do they still teach that today? I wonder!

Two weeks before Christmas I was standing in a long line at the Post Office getting some packages mailed out. When I was two people away from the window, yes one window open because we’re a small town, a woman walked in leaning heavily her cane, walking slowly with her little black purse. She stood in the back of the line about 5 people behind me.

I didn’t hesitate. I said to the people behind me loudly, “You guys don’t mind if I let this woman go in front of me do you?” Now, they might have, but thankfully everyone pretended to see her for the very first time and they all said no. She turned bright red and said, “Thank you all, I don’t get around as well as I used to.” She shuffled forward to get in front of me. By then I was one away from the window. Do you THINK the guy in front of me had any chivalry at all? No! He looked back at her and turned away. She then asked us if we could help her open her purse as she couldn’t unzip it very well.

This is when I wish I were even bolder than I am because I SO wanted to ask the guy why he wouldn’t give up his place in line for an elderly person? This is when she smiled at us and said, “I’ll be 90 on Christmas Day.” We all smiled at her and wished her happy birthday.

Just a reminder everyone! One day we’ll all be in this place, shuffling through a line where a younger generation or two will be busy being world changers. Will they prefer us and help us or will we be on our own? The only way it continues is for us to teach, and to be the example to the elders of our generation.

One thought on “Respect Your Elders

  1. Programming begins at birth. My son calls all men “uncle” who aren’t related to him and all women aunt. Why? To separate out that these are adults and he’s a child.

    Many adults object to my desire for him to call them Mr. or Miss or Mrs., so I compromised. I want him to learn to respect those older than him. In all the churches I attend, Jesse is taught that those older than him hold the authority…one caveate, they cannot take him to the bathroom unless I know them personally and they have children of their own. Otherwise, he’s to submit to them publicly.

    This is vital. I learned this young and even today I will carry groceries for an older person if they look like they need my help. It’s only commonsense and right.

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