He Covers Me And Doesn’t Expose Me

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God is such a gentleman he takes care of me so beautifully. In him I feel totally safe. It means I can go to him and tell him everything knowing that in him I will find the security, advice, love and above all, he will work with me to find a solution. His love for me makes his care for me his priority. He loves me as an individual and doesn’t exploit me.

When you meet the man who is a keeper there are things that he does that prove to you that he is a gentleman who is going to cover you. Some are easy to see and others, take time to see. First off, he knows his manners as a man and he walks on the outside, in front of you down the stairs, behind you up the stairs, he opens the door for you, pulls out the chair for you while dining. You get the picture; he knows what a man is supposed to do. In him you will find security and love because his main priority is God and his family.

He’s not into what I call over-the-top PDA (public displays of affection). There are men who grab their woman’s butt in public. You know what that says? It’s actually a type of marking you publicly as his property. He is showing other men that yes you are his. Some women think that he loves them so much he can’t keep his hands off of them and they are flattered but let’s get real, it’s inappropriate. This type of behavior is really about his pride and insecurity and marking his territory and not about his woman at all. Holding hands and a kiss is not to be confused with a make out session, the former being normal. Your naked pictures are not on the Internet because it’s sexy but because you are a commodity. Don’t get these things confused with each other as it’s not an indication of love.

The man whom you choose, covers you in prayer, guards his heart and takes his role seriously so that you stay safe and secure in your place.

The woman who grabs the attention of a man of this stature is a woman who is respectful of herself. She isn’t obnoxious or rude with him. She doesn’t discuss him excessively picking him apart with her friends. She isn’t exploiting him or wasting his time. She is mature and sees the man for who he is and not what his potential could make him one day. She certainly would not waste his time with games and presuppositions. The woman who grabs the attention of this man, is self-assured and ready for a lasting relationship.

2 thoughts on “He Covers Me And Doesn’t Expose Me

    1. Happy New Year TQO! Glad to hear we have godly men at our side! Pat yourself on the back that you did the work on yourself to attract a man like that to your life! Love ya!

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