Why I Love Oasis

Our church is not a building, even though we seem to talk about our building often these days, following the fire. Our church is a people who gather together to learn about God, to pray, to lift one another up, to encourage each other to good works. Our church is generational where parents have brought their children and their children are now bringing their children and we are months away from one family having four generations worship together in the same row in our congregation.

Today blessed me and I wanted to share it with you. Vincent has just turned 3 years old a few weeks ago. He wants to be a guitar player. He got a guitar and he immediately came into the sanctuary and got up on the platform and took his place. He was very serious. His mom had to help him with his strap but then he got busy. In some churches the culture would make this inappropriate but we believe with all our heart that the children learn to lead this way.


Matthew 11:25 At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

Vincent arrives with his mom and dad on prayer night and kneels at the altar in between his parents and begins to pray. He’s three, he gets bored after a while, so pretty soon he lifts his head but remains kneeling and pushes his trucks and cars quietly in his place while his parents continue to pray. Oh, how I wish I could show you a picture because this blesses me. Only I feel that I would be intrusive taking pictures during prayer so I refrain. Let me just tell you, it’s beyond a blessing to see and it touches your heart. I’m sure you can picture it.

Today though, when Vincent got up on that platform I couldn’t help but snap a few photos. I hope they make you smile like they did me. I pray that you are teaching your children to praise God, to worship him and to make him the priority of their lives.

Notice his pick!
Notice his pick!
In the middle of I Am Free he lifted his hand! Sooo cute!!!
In the middle of I Am Free he lifted his hand! Sooo cute!!!

5 thoughts on “Why I Love Oasis

  1. My husband plays the drums at the other end of this band and this little boy blessed him so much!! He came home and couldn’t wait to tell me about it. KEEP IT UP VINCENT!!!!

  2. That’s my nephew!!! 🙂 Well I just wanted to share that what you said is very true about how its very important to teach kids especially when there very young how to praise and worship God and also encourage them to participate because when they grow up Its like second nature to them. When I was 3yrs old I sang for the first time at a church convention. My mother said that I cried and cried because I saw everyone else going up there to sing and they would let me because I was too little. Finally, my uncle who was pastor said to let me sing. I cant remember but after that, every Sunday I would go up and sing my song “Jesus Loves Me” 🙂 And now to this day I continue to do so. I love to praise and worship my God!!!!

  3. Yay for the parents who are teaching worthwhile concepts and training their child in a godly environment! He’s sooo cute! I asked him yesterday if he was going to help us with worship next Sunday; he smile nodding a yes.

  4. This child is also a little gentleman. I was at prayer on Tuesday and at one point I had tears flowing down my cheeks. This child was in the row in front of me and saw me, he grabbed the box of tissue and pulled one out and handed it to me. This was so precious to me, how sensitive he is to have done that!

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