A Mouse In The House


I was typing out the church bulletin last night and watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something move. I look over and nothing is there. Okay, I’m seeing things only there it is again and I look over and it’s a mouse. I yell and it goes back behind the dresser where it was. Doug gets up and tries to find it and it runs into his closet while I yell again.

It was late and he was in bed but he put on his jeans and his shoes and stood up and pounded his chest.


He runs to the store for sticky traps and comes right back and sets up. Lulu the wonder dog, could care less. She is asleep at the foot of our bed wrapped up in her blanket. My yelling elicited a flicker of the ear and a deep sigh. This dog only works for treats. My deep fear of mice and things that scurry don’t phase her. I had no treat.

I LOVE fall. Really love fall, but every fall they plow the fields behind our houses and all the neighbors get mice. It’s the downside of fall.