Rebuilding The Church

I thought I’d post some pictures of how the rebuilding of the church is going!

The first thing the city told us was that we needed to put up a fire wall between the sanctuary and the fellowship wall. In order to do this the bathrooms had to be moved a few feet. The city also required the plumbing be upgraded to today’s code so trenching and jackhammering 7″ of concrete flooring to get this done had to be completed first.


Plumber Jerry Yanez puts in the parts that are required to pass code.


At the same time the plumber is doing his thing the trusses are coming down to replace the burnt part of the ceiling.


Don’t they make it all look so easy? It must have been because they seemed done in no time at all.


Meeting with the general contractor, he shows us what is going on and what needs to happen next. It’s strange to see the church cut in two pieces but we know it will all be put back together again soon.


Jody Jasso and Pastor Doug stop to pose for a picture.


Walls are framed to hold things together until the new trusses arrive next week.