Hannah’s Prayer

What an awesome 3 year-old. She prayed solidly for seven minutes. Beautiful!! She ministered to me today. I pray that she touches your heart as well. She certainly was given the proper name wasn’t she? Hannah, who poured her heart out before the Lord as Eli walked by thinking she was drunk only to find out that she was praying in her heart’s desire. Oh, Hallelujah Jesus! We praise you for parents who teach their children to pray! May you bless them Lord! And Lord while I’m here with you in this moment, you know my grandchildren that have yet to be born to time, may they be mighty prayer warriors and worship you with all their hearts, souls and minds! In the mighty name of the one and only Jesus! Amen.

3 thoughts on “Hannah’s Prayer

  1. Thank you Lord for parents who follow your word and practice raising their children in the way they should go! Let the promise be fulfilled – they may stumble – but they will not fall.

  2. I finally got a chance to listen to this girl pray what a blessing some of us can’t even take the time to pray for a few minutes and she was praying for 7 minutes and she knows the word!!!

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