Every Day He Tells Me And Shows Me How Much He Loves Me

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http://www.art.com/asp/ sp-asp/_/ ui--12362...FF0727A3D/ PD--10016990/ sOrig--CAT/ sOrigID--1949/ Precious_Innocence.htm

Love is more than words and feelings, it’s action. It’s found in the little and big things in life. I know I am engulfed in God’s love for me. I am not so sure about the rest of the world’s love for me but God’s love, I know, is there for me daily. Even when it’s pouring rain in my life and I engulfed with trouble and battle I am loved and I know it. Even when I am not acting my best, I am secure and safe in the knowledge of God’s love.

The bible never commands a woman to love her man because she does so without effort. She is emotional by nature and so she loves and she loves deep. The bible commands a husband to love his wife. Why? Because men are more practical in thinking and so emotion doesn’t run high, they don’t always say they love their woman. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and my husband is staring at me. It kinda freaks me out because I think, was I snoring or drooling, why is he staring? When I ask him what is wrong he says he was just watching me sleep peacefully and he just loves me and is glad I am there next to him. It’s easy to love me when I’m sleeping because I am silent!

During the day, at some point in the day, or several points in the day, he tells me he loves me. Every great once in awhile though he doesn’t. Maybe he got busy or maybe he was angry or maybe.. my mind goes crazy with thoughts of why not but those days thankfully are very few and far between. He shows me he loves me when he does things he knows I like. When he makes the bed, yes it’s that simple or when he quits his video game playing when I come home late from a long day at work to pay attention to me. That doesn’t usually happen but when it does it’s great. When we go to mid-week church service and he doesn’t have to preach so we sit together and he rubs my neck as I take notes. It’s in those little things I didn’t ask for but I prayed for that I see his commitment to me and his love.

Find someone who thinks of you. Who is not selfish and who you don’t have to remind all the time that you are there and that as a woman you need something more. For you to feel secure in his love it must not come from nagging but from self propelled action. If he is not showing it before marriage, he will not show it after.

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