I took new pictures of Lu and I love this one!

Lulu the wonder dog
Lulu the wonder dog

I learn a lot from Lulu. She really knows what’s important in her life. She has discovered bottled water. So, each night as she lays at the foot of my bed she eats her treat, then hops down from the bed and pokes me with her paw or nose. When I ask her what she wants she looks at the water bottle on my nightstand, then at her mini-bowl that is by my nightstand. I pour, she drinks. When she has finished her water, she crawls back in bed, cuddles up and goes to sleep. Her needs are very simple. I don’t think she worries about a thing. I need to be more like Lu.

I love how she makes a big deal about little blessings. When she sees the Starbucks sign she begins to howl and drool. You see, she gets a tall cup of whipped cream at each visit. The sign prompts the tail wag, the desperate howl for her treat and instantly she begins to drool. Now, I have to say, I am happy for my Chai tea but she is thrilled for her cup of whipped cream. I need to be more excited about the little things in life.

She loves Jamba Juice too and has learned to sip from a straw. This brings problems as you have to be really careful with your drink. You see, Lu thinks everything should be shared. She sees no problem in taking a sip of your drink. I tried this in reverse as she was chewing on a treat. I asked for a piece and got in her face to get her attention. She stopped chewing and pushing her bone my way and looked me in the eye. I pretended to gnaw on one side and she grabbed the other. No problem to her. She doesn’t seem to care that food will ever run out. She could care less about germs. They aren’t her concern at all. If her treat falls in the dirt, no worries. There are just too many good things to eat in her life and germs are just not a concern. I need to quit worrying about that next meal.

When I lie in bed and it’s hot, Lu doesn’t care. She spreads out on her blanket and puts her hot breath on my shin and goes to sleep. What’s a little shared drool and sweat between friends? She cuddles and loves regardless of the weather. She takes regular naps too. She doesn’t care what is going on in the world. If she is tired, she yawns, stretches, turns three times and lies down. The world can handle an hour or so without her on watch. I need to learn to rest like Lulu.

Lulu can be in the middle of eating a big fat ham bone and she is still excited to see you when you come into view. I really need to learn to go with the flow and not be thrown by an unexpected visit. Lu greets everyone lovingly. Joy, our cat, sometimes plays with Lu, sometimes not. Lu doesn’t care. She approaches her each time she sees her, wagging her tail and sniffing her. If Joy wants to play bonus! If Joy doesn’t want to even look her way, that’s fine too! Lu forgives her mood and always greets her the same way. Lu makes you feel special in her presence as if nothing else matters but you. She wants to hear all about your day and she never gossips or thinks you are just too much work.

They say that humans have an elevated purpose and are more evolved. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s healthy? Lulu seems to be a whole lot less stressed than I am. She seems to be able to go with the flow a lot more than I am. She seems to recognize the blessings in her life more than I do. She is much more forgiving than I am and she seems to be happy just to be. She believes that we have her best interest at heart and she trusts us completely to meet her needs. In return, she gives out love unconditionally! I want to be more like Lu!

One thought on “Lulu

  1. My husband comments how much he loves our dog, he says “When I come home he is so excited to see me and makes me feel special!” I have to agree, when I walk in the door my dog is jumping from couch to couch until I get close to love on him. Then when we are showing him love he like howls as if to say “I am glad your home!” Nothing like unconditional love to make you feel special.:)

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