Another Man’s Wife 2

I wrote this post on the 18th. As I was writing I knew there had to be a part 2 because there’s always a flip side. The premise of the writing was a fantastic quote by a great man of God, BJ Robison, who pastored in El Sobrante, CA for many years and went on to heaven just a few short months ago, and the quote reads:

Watch the way a man treats another man’s wife and that will define his character.

Here’s the flip side.

  • The man who mows the soldier’s lawn when he’s deployed.
  • The man who doesn’t receive an accusation against another man’s wife.
  • The man who doesn’t overstep his boundaries in advice toward another man’s wife.
  • The man who encourages a husband to go home to his wife.
  • The man who inquires about another man’s wife and her well-being.
  • The man who will not speak against against another man’s wife.
  • The man who advises a young groom on his role as a husband.
  • The man who can advise another man’s wife on her action within boundaries.
  • The man who can send his wife, or trusted female friend, to help and mentor another man’s wife.
  • The man who does not try to fix another man’s wife.
Then there is the bride of Christ.
  • The man who understands his care for the bride while the groom is away.
  • The man who uses his talents to compliment her and not discourage her.
  • The man who sees a need a fills it without regard for credit.
  • The man who recognizes that she comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • The man who works tirelessly to retain her dignity.
  • The man who loves her despite herself.
  • The man who covers her in prayer.
  • The man who recognizes his place with her and knows he is not the groom but simply a friend of the groom.
  • The man who doesn’t exalt himself above her.
  • The man who loves her with the kindness of a friend.
  • The man who does not speak against her, even if…

One thought on “Another Man’s Wife 2

  1. Good list and so true. A man who doesn’t hold firm boundaries as to what is and isn’t his will lay claim on something that doesn’t belong to him without it bothering his conscience much.

    Great post!

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