74% of Americans believe in heaven. 59% of Americans believe in hell. Yet, the majority of Americans are sure Osama Bin Laden is in hell today. Newspapers are making that their headline. Facebook is off the charts with this declarative statement. It makes me wonder if in fact, we don’t believe in hell, or if we think we are safe from it?

Baby Sprinkles


Haha! If you’re like me the title of the blog made you think of something else didn’t it? Actually, Baby Sprinkles is the new term for baby showers for baby #2, 3, 4 etc… And well, I’ve already voiced my opinion on that!

Either way you slice it, a baby shower by any other name is still a baby shower. I think what makes me feel sad about this is that there seems to be gift grabbing mentality going on. People register for each baby they have. You’re asked to bring gifts that are expensive. You’re asked to bring extra diapers for a raffle. What happened to having your second child when you could afford to do so?

I was beginning to feel pretty old fashioned and Grinch-y for feeling this way until I found a site that I absolutely love. It’s called Etiquette Hell. There are people who feel like I do! For a second baby and beyond, I bring a gift for the baby after they arrive on the scene. I’m all for throwing a party but the mandatory gift based on your registry is just too much for me!