A Dog’s Life

Getting ready for the day means each morning seeing my husband off to work, then getting myself ready for work. Today I was jealous of Lulu. She hopped on my bed after a quick trip outside, cuddled under the comforter and was staring at the TV and yawning. Yep, sometimes I wish things were just that easy!

Lulu the wonder dog!

4 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

    1. Yeah, the REST of the story is that I had to go to work and I’m rushing around the bedroom saying, “C’mon Lu we have to go to work”. Notice she is not looking towards the camera. She is totally ignoring me.

    1. I’m convinced Lu thinks this king sized bed is hers and she allows us the privilege to sleep on it sometimes. Then she is outraged because she has to take a bath once a week to be able to sleep here.

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