The Book Of Eli

Go see it! It’s a powerful movie! Wow is all I can say. If we have ever wondered what it was like for Abraham, Issac and Jacob, for Peter and Paul and James, this will give you a glimpse. If we have nothing else but a word from the Lord what grace we’d live in! Praise you Lord for this movie! It was an inspiration! Oh to walk by that kind of faith!

3 thoughts on “The Book Of Eli

  1. Thanks for the review, my husband wants to go see this and I was like “okay I guess we will let you pick the movie two weeks in a row”…I am a little hard headed (smile) for one Denzel is awesome for two the Love Dare is making me be more considerate to my husband:)

  2. This movie was a reminder to me of how mighty our God is to save us from our enemies! He is true to His word. Loved it! and the ending is fantastic! Everyone in the movie theater was quiet and in the end no one said a word…the lights went on and we all just looked at each other. Words were not enough.

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