Oasis RMA in Progress

Let me take you on a tour of what we did at the store today. We decorated grids in each department. It’s not quite finished but it will be tomorrow.


We separated out departments so that each part of the store has its own area. This is the men’s department.


We began folding t-shirts and sweaters and putting them on shelves


The children’s area got some decorations. Putting up all these little clothes really made me think of my own babies who are now 28 and 23 and how I SOOO would trade it all go back to when they fit into these clothes and I could squeeze them up and kiss their sweet cheeks!


The furniture and appliance section got some arrangement to it


Decorative pillows were added to accent the couches


My favorite part! FASHION! A scarf donated by one, a sweater with the tags on it from my mom’s closet, a pair of pants donated by another and a pair of shoes donated by another and VIOLA! we have a cute outfit!


It’s all coming along! Tomorrow we tackle the housewares! I’m exhausted and going to bed! I’ll post more pictures tomorrow!

One thought on “Oasis RMA in Progress

  1. The store looks fabulous!! God Bless Pastor Susan, Pastor Doug and all the workers who have devoted so much of their time and energy to this ministry, you are awesome people!

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