Soul Esteem

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Mary Hollingsworth coined the phrase soul esteem and when I first read it I loved it. It spoke to me on so many levels. I believe that we as a society have put so much effort on self- esteem that we think it’s the end all to our exsitence. There are things that bring you so much more than the absorption of focus on self.

The word esteem means to regard with respect. How many of us respect our soul? If your soul is the core of your being then what are you doing to build it up and to fortify it? As a follower of Christ I fortify my soul through prayer, through the meditation of the word of God, through friendship with other believers, through books that provoke thought and through the media in various forms. I wade through vast amounts of information on what is happening in the world and how that affects us all and how it infringes or goes along with my thought process.

Let’s talk honestly though, how many have no time because other things take priority in their life? On-line gaming, television and the normal distractions of life keep us from taking care of our soul. What is more important than that though? The bible says;

1 John 1:2 – Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers

So the principle here is that our body be in good health just as our soul be in good health. It means that there are certain things that make my soul weak, sick and poor just as there are things that make my health weak, sick and poor.

What are some things that make my soul healthy other than the things already mentioned above? Helping others makes my soul esteem rise. The feeling that I contributed in a small way to the world that I live in makes my soul prosper. It is not just about the things I do for myself but it’s in the reaching out to others that gives us a sense of purpose. At the core of our being we are relational. We are connected to each other and to deny that in our selfish actions is to deny a big part of who we were created to be. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘it did my heart good’. Reaching out to help others actually helps us. I’ve seen depression cease as people reach out to others. They find a purpose other than a focus on their own lack is and it makes a transformation happen in their life.

Getting plenty of rest makes us less stressed out and they add the well being of our soul. Learning to be content in our lives and not always striving for that next best thing helps our soul. Getting out into nature for a walk and taking a look at God’s creation with a fresh perspective helps our soul stay healthy. Getting together with friends and laughing and talking makes you feel good. Learning to rejoice in other’s blessings are all things that help your soul esteem.

Don’t let your soul get weary and old. Revitalize, renew and refresh your soul as often as you can. You will be a better human being for it.

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