Why I Love Him

Love Happens Universal Pictures
Love Happens Universal Pictures

The Scene: Friday afternoon. Both of us are beat, he more than I. He plops down on our bed, grabs the remote and ice cold water from the fridge. I stop and ask him, “How much do you love me?” He smiles big and says, “A lot, why? What do you need?” I smile back and say, “I want to go see the new Jennifer Aniston movie.” He says, “Baby, I can’t take you till the last showing because I have to take the kids to the football game at 7.” “Oh”, I say, “it’s okay, I was going to ask you to take me to the 4:40 showing.”

He looks at the clock, 4:15. “I can do that, but I won’t have time to shower.” “It’s okay!” So he drags himself up and we go to the movies. As the movie starts I say, “Thanks for bringing me.” He smiles and pats my leg. I get it, he’s tired.

About 10 minutes into the movie he says, “Oh, okay I know what this movie is.” I look over at him and say, “You mean you came with me not knowing what movie it was or anything on a day you were tired? Awww!” He says, “Baby, wherever you are, whatever you want to do, is where I want to be.”

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Him

  1. I know Pastor Doug is a great guy, but just so you know I was free and would have loved to see that movie:) I know, I know a date with the hubby is better than a date with friends. I told my husband last night I really wanted to go to the movies this weekend (even though I went twice last weekend which is a lot for me) and he said “why didn’t you say something?” I said “I didn’t think you would want to take me again” He said “love you know I would do anything for you” THAT IS WHY I LOVE HIM!!!!:) We are some blessed women even though I have to remind myself to appreciate the man I married.

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