Happy Birthday

Today is Anthony’s birthday! He is going to a concert so we won’t get to see him today. We celebrated last week and my mom and aunt met us in Fresno!


Anthony, I love you. You have blessed my life tremendously. Have a blessed day, have fun at your concert and with your friends. Oh yeah, I forgive you for being the LAST to know! I’m happy for you though! Love you Bubby! When you’re happy that makes me happy!

Jam & LC 2

Anthony! How did you get so old while I stayed young?!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Anthony!!!! Miss seeing you around like we used to, okay who is the girl in the picture?? You know I had to ask:)

  2. She’s Ant’s girlfriend. They’ve been dating about 4 months, Casey met her and loves her, and it’s finally time for the introduction to mom. Which means she’s not just ANY girl.

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