The Military Channel

As much as I try to understand the male mind I don’t always get the stuff that comes into their mind. My husband watches The Military Channel all the time while he’s working late nights on his sermons. So the other night I was looking great. I am not one of those wives who wears the old t-shirt to bed and thinks it’s a turn-on. I like the cute stuff. That may be too much information but I think women need to put a little more effort into their sex lives and your husband being visual,  needs to see your interest. So here I am, trying to get his attention and my husband looks lovingly over at me and smiles (I’m thinking, Yeah, this worked!) and says,

“Baby, did you see that?!! That right there, is a fine piece of machinery!”

I was reminded of my friend who went away for a romantic weekend with her husband. She said the day had been perfect and as the sun was setting they were walking along the beach. He pulled her close to him and just stared into her eyes. She said she got goosebumps because the moment could not have been more perfect when out of his mouth comes,

“Wow, in this light, your mustache looks especially dark.”

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