Summer Menu

I don’t know where you live but where I live it’s hot, hot, hot! When the weather gets this way, I don’t want to eat. Give me some cold fruit and a salad and I am happy. However, that doesn’t quite work my husband. So, I’d thought I’d share my weekend menu with you. My hope is two-fold, one that I might encourage you and save you some time and money in the kitchen and two that you might share a recipe with me!

Last Friday, I went to the store and bought six free range chicken breasts. I came home and boiled them. The fixings were ready for the entire weekend.


The first night, I took two chicken breasts and cubed them and made chicken salad sandwiches on whole grain bread with romaine and tomatoes and watermelon slices for dessert. Everyone makes their chicken salad differently. I dice celery, add sweet pickle relish, dill weed, sliced almonds and fat free mayo to make mine.


The second night I night I shredded two more chicken breasts and made a mixed baby green chinese chicken salad with slivered almonds, crispy chow mein noodles and mandarin oranges in a sesame and ginger dressing. I made a fruit parfait with strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, grapes and fat free yogurt.


The third night I took the last two remaining chicken breasts and sliced them in cubes. I made a pasta salad, with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, asparagus and italian dressing. For dessert we had pound cake panini, with nutella and strawberries, grilled on a foreman grill. The kids were still hungry so they got hot dogs on the side. The panini is easy. Buy a pound cake slice it in 8 slices. Spread nutella on each slice, add strawberries and put two slices together like a sandwich. Grill it on a panini grill or any kind of indoor grill for a few minutes until the pound cake is golden brown. Viola! It’s ready to eat.

Once I cooked the chicken the only other time I turned on the stove was the third night to cook the pasta and hot dogs. It was a simple weekend of tasty good food. I didn’t heat my home excessively baking or cooking and it was relatively healthy.

So often, we think eating out is the way to go but it is sometimes faster and easier to whip something up at home. Especially when you’ve already cooked the main ingredient that you’ll need for the dishes you are going to cook ahead of time. So what do you do to stay cool and still try to eat healthy meals?

4 thoughts on “Summer Menu

  1. lol i’m dealing with a failure to plan before purchasing a half bushel of squash from farm market last weekend.

    because i like them ok… and it was 50 cents each or 5 bucks a bushel. (sent the other half with mom.. lol)

    i’ve steamed and sauted the things till i’m getting really tired of them… and everything i’m putting on them starts tasting the same.

    gave up and fried one last night.

    i have 2 casserole recipes, and one soup. but it is sooo not casserole and soup season. thinking i may try doing the casseroles first thing one morning when cooler, then just microwaving servings at dinnertime.

    (btw:im highly impressed at how well that chicken is staying smoothly within the bread. mine would so be either smashing when cut or falling out everywhere or both!)

    1. I love summer squash. I looked up recipes on recipezaar and I saw some good ones but they all required the oven so try some either late night or early morning baking.
      Squash Nut bread (like banana) sounds good and probably freezes well.
      Yam and squash mashed. I’m a big fan of yam mashed potatoes I bet that would be good.
      Cornbread and squash muffins.

      I throw it in marinara and pasta. After that you’re right, casserole and soups is all I can think of.

      I may have done the same thing though. I love a Farmer’s Market and usually get really ambitious at the time. I just signed up for a co-op with our local farmer. He delivers a box of veggies that is in season once a week. I pre-paid for the box but I never know what I am getting until delivery day. I’m a meal planner so we’ll see how this works!

      The trick to the chicken salad is nice sized cubes using cold chicken and use your mayo sparingly.

  2. How do you sign up for Co-op? I would love to do this since I have been eating healthy going on my 4th week I need different veggies, I seem to always buy the same ones then grow tired of them.

    1. I will send you the link. They deliver to one location then we go and pick up our box of food. You can either buy a box to feed 2 people or 4 people. I got 2 people for now because I hear there is a lot of veggies and I want to make sure we don’t waste.

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