Read The Warning Label

image22% of married men cheat.

17% of married women cheat

*according to

It’s fairly even across the board. The reasons don’t matter really. What matters is that the warning signs are there long before you get to this excruciatingly painful place. Yes, long before you walk down an aisle and make irrevocable vows.

When you’re not a priority when dating.

When the previous relationship hasn’t ended before this one begins.

When you rush to marriage before knowing the person.

When excuses for other poor behavior abound.

The good news is that if you go into a relationship with full disclosure of who you have chosen you know the outcome. When you have taken the time to grow up and know what you want you tend to cut your chances down of being cheated on. Yes, absolutely there are those people who look really good on paper and blindside you but more often than not there were signs that were ignored.

It’s always a choice.

Don’t get so desperate that you think there is no one else. Stay true to what you know. Read the warning labels. Then whatever you do don’t ignore them.

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