The Blessings Of Friends

inslee haynes
inslee haynes


I was talking to a friend this week about an issue that were happening in our lives and I was left with a statement I made that made me think. I said, “You’re never going to have long term relationships outside of strong mature women.”

It made me realize how blessed I am to have my circle of friends. Do you ever just look around at those closest to you? I’m not talking about the 500 friends on Facebook, I’m talking about the five or maybe it’s one. The ones you call as soon as something great happens, and the ones you call as soon as something not so great happens. I recently called a friend after midnight:

“Did I wake you up?”

“You woke me and my whole house up. *$%&, hang on….. now the dog wants to go out.” (muffle, shuffle) “It’s okay, it’s Susan”, then she’s back  “Are you okay?”

“Yes! I read your dramatic FB post, are you okay?”

(chuckle) “Yes, just an employee issue.”

“What made you post it?”

“Well it was rant or  punch her. What do you think I should’ve done? Wait, never mind.”

“Are you sure? Why are you asleep at midnight?”

“I’m 52, sometimes, I get tired. What are you the sleep police?”

“And menopausal. Geez not looking forward to 52. Okay go back to sleep, I thought it was urgent. Next time don’t put your drama on FB, no one really cares.”

“Okay. HEY WAIT! Are you okay? Am I missing something in this sleep fog? Am I supposed to be hearing something in your voice?”

“I’m fine. Talk to you tomorrow. Don’t forget the dog is outside. love you bye.”

“love you bye”

Those friends? Those friends who you can say anything to and when there’s an offense you work it out privately? Those friends who love you even though they know why your hair is in ball cap?  Or know you drink Oolong tea?

My friends are made up of strong independent women. They don’t have the same politics as I do, well, actually, most people don’t as I am a Libertarian, but hey, I hear more of you are coming around to independent free thinking, so the discussions can get profound and heated and both at the same time. They aren’t all Christians and so we respect our beliefs and discuss the intersections. They aren’t all married, don’t all have children, don’t all have stepchildren, and don’t all love high heels.

Here is who they all are:

Women who are happy with themselves (okay, well we have those issues but we aren’t obsessed).

Involved in their community, either through political affiliation, civic organizations, charitable works, or the local sports mom.

Caring and compassionate, they will actually pay for the coffee of the person in the line at Starbucks behind them.

They can hold a well rounded conversation, whether it the latest Liane Moriarity book, or what, if anything, we need to be doing about the Ukraine, and who is favored to win the Super Bowl this year?

Positive and impacting although sometimes you have to wait for it because the NOT OKAY you get at the moment you’re committing the bonehead decision doesn’t seem so positive.

I am blessed. I have very little time in my life but I can pick up a phone at midnight and wake up a friend to tell her I care. How about you? Are you blessed with your friendships? Are you present in the moment with your friends? Do you sometimes just look around and realize you have people in your life with whom you can be real with and who don’t judge you for your faults but love you through them? I really hope you do. It’s such an important part of life. I am honored by the company I keep. I hope it’s that way for you.


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