How Do I Serve You?

I watched you as you walked into church today.
Your spirit was low, and a slight smile hit your lips but your eyes are vacant.
Everyone says that if I knew you before I wouldn’t recognize you.
You were a carefree person who was outgoing and kind.
What is clear is that something happened.

From my vantage point of outside of your life I see some nice things.
Money, a spouse, and some crazy little kids.
Isn’t that what we all want and work so hard to get?
What has you so distraught?
Then I see it loud and clear.

How do I serve you best?
Is it any of my business because you haven’t asked for help?
I realize that my place is to pray.
And then I need to pray some more.
Find your voice again. Please find your voice again.

Words. You don’t have to beat someone to wound them deep.
You don’t have to leave external marks to do serious damage.
You just have to consistently drum a cadence of words that kill a spirit.
You just have to get them to agree with the wounding words to kill them.
Forever is a long time to be in an abusive relationship.

I wish I could put my strength to work in you.
Only it doesn’t work that way does it?
I have to begin to purposefully speak life to you.
Every. Single. Time. I. Engage. You.
Every time we meet.

My heart went out to you today and I don’t think it was a mistake.
I think the Lord showed me what a broken spirit looks like.
I think the Lord gave me compassion for you.
I think the Lord will make a way.
I think the Lord is sending your healing.

I pray He is.
I certainly pray He is.
Lord give me words to speak.

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