I Wonder If….




I wonder if…


The man who wakes up before the light of day and heads to the coal mine to earn money to support his family is living out his passion?

Is the sanitation worker?

Is the doctor?

I wonder if they have a right to be happy at the expense of their family?

I gave the wrong advice to my children when I said to find their passion in their work and never mentioned to find passion in their life?

The stay at home mother truly values her worth or does she second guess the perception of the missed opportunity of a career?

Society as a whole would be better off in knowing that freedom comes not in possessions of more stuff but in the harmony of a family who is intact? And healthy?

My grandparents weren’t less stressed out in their small 3 bedroom 1 bath home, raising their 12 children to be good productive citizens of this planet?

We can get back to a time when life wasn’t all about selfies, self promotion, self inflicted wounds, self centeredness, selfishness?

Or is it too late?

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