The Lion, the Mouse and the Fox

An Aesop Fable:

A Lion, fatigued by the heat of a summer’s day, fell fast asleep in this den. A Mouse ran over his mane, and ears and woke him from his slumbmers. He rose up and shook himself in great wrath, and searched every corner of his den to find the Mouse. A Fox seeing him said: ” A fine Lion you are, to be frightened of a Mouse.” “‘Tis not the Mouse I fear,” said the Lion; “I resent his familiarity and ill-breeding.”

Little liberties are great offenses.

One thought on “The Lion, the Mouse and the Fox

  1. Last week at church I teased a friend of mine’s girlfriend by bumping into her and saying, “Oops! my arm slipped!” She replied, “You just insist on invading my personal space, huh!” I tried to joke it off, but it made me realize that I had not asked her permission to be so familiar and I do this on a regular basis with pretty much everyone.

    Being the effusive person I am tends towards friendliness with everyone whether they welcome it or not. This is not love nor is it considerate. True love doesn’t insist on its own way, so I realized I need to be more careful about how I approach joking with those who don’t know me and get permission to be their friend. Some people are intimidated by my outspoken personality and open handed lifestyle. I actually had a pastor tell me a couple of weeks ago that when I express my opinions in my natural way, he feels like it’s overpowering and just goes quiet.

    I didn’t know I did this to him because he’s such a force to be reckoned with himself. But it’s good to be aware of other people’s personal space; to err on the side of caution.

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